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Let's Get Clear!

Hey! My name is Ricardo. I’m a navigator, consultant, author and speaker. My life's work is centered around helping others find clarity and direction. My mantra is ''If you ask the right questions you will find the right answers'' and navigation is all about finding the right answers. My grace is to help you locate your starting point, identify your destination and work through the details in between. 


Every successful business, brand and individual has one thing incommon.... Clarity. Ultimately, im dedicated to ensuring my clients Get Clear. Clarity is the biggest component to moving forward in the right direction successfully. Once clarity is achieved, then charting a tailored course to success is inevitable. 

Take a look at my services here and follow the directions to reach me if you’d like to discuss how we can work together.  




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“My first call with Ricardo changed my life! My navigation sessions helped me understand who I was and what I brought to the table. I can now walk in any room and introduce myself and my business with clarity and confidence..”

Joy Pittman, Founder of JVP Legacy

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