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Because navigation is based on an individual's journey, we've created various NaviPacks to give our clients options. Each one details a specific amount of sessions in various time frames. Pair your NaviPack with your NaviTrack and let the journey begin! 

Pricing will be available after completion of Navigation Talk (consultation) or by request

Single Sesh- 1 Session (Pay per Session)

Clients can pay per session without an extended timeframe obligation. Past clients use single sessions as follow up/check-ins after they have completed a NaviPack.

Starter Pck (3 Months) = 4 Sessions

This NaviPack is our most popular for first-timers. It's intense because it's short term, but extremely impactful and clarifying. These 4 sessions must be used within a 3 month window. 

Visionary Pck (6 Months) = 7 Sessions

Individuals who want to expand their capacity and stay 6 months ahead in planning and preparation for the future love this NaviPack. It allows more time to walk through and walk out processes. These 7 sessions must be used within a 6 month window.

Gold Pck (12 Months) = 14 Sessions

This NaviPack is for those who desire to take multiple NaviTracks  and might also have a longer term vision and  big or multiple projects and ideas to navigate. These 14 sessions must be used within a 12 month window.


Platinum Pck (TBD)

V.I.P. Pck (TBD)


“My time working with Ric on both my personal brand and my organization's brand has been life-changing.  In one particular session I was so unsure of how to take the next steps in the development of my business and he said one sentence that became the key that released me from the box of uncertainty!! He is truly a gift!”

Raquel Pittman
Founder & CEO, Empowered By The Spirit Ministries

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