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The Butterfly Effect

The little you do makes a BIG DIFFERENCE! Greetings!

Hopefully this year has been great for you! Everything might not have gone according to your plans, but the important part is that you still have plans and are moving in the direction of your calling.

So... you already know i have a little story to share before i talk about the Authentic Thought for the week.. well, here it is.

I'm sitting at my makeshift desk having my morning peppermint tea and preparing to start my day. I receive several emails with opportunities from individuals in my field/industry, that could potentially become a really big deal. As usual I'm always surprised when someone finds interest in what I'm doing, not because of a lack of confidence, but because everything is always a big deal for me :-D!

So I'm saying to myself man this is great, right on time.... I'm thanking God and I'm excited about these new possibilities and what could come out of them.

As usual, I'm watching cartoon network and one of my favorite cartoons come on: The Amazing World of Gumball. The episode begins with all the students in the classroom and they are having a conversation with the teacher when a butterfly comes into the room, and the teacher catches it and and puts it in a jar. The kids say to the teacher, hey you should let it loose because the butterfly shouldn't be trapped in a jar.. and the teacher says, i cant let it go because of "the butterfly effect." They all say "whats that", and she says, this one little butterfly can cause the destruction of this entire town! Of course they let it loose, and the duration of the show is a series of events that occur as a result of its release.

This little idea and concept caused a light bulb to turn on for me! It reminded me that the big things that happen are a result of the little things that happen. I started thinking about these opportunities i just received via email, and remembered wait a minute, every morning i religiously recite my life declarations in the mirror and one of my lines are "i command doors of opportunity in my field/industry/area of influence to open and people who have the power to bring new and amazing opportunities to find me."

This was a reminder to me that these weren't just small insignificant words.. but tiny wing flutters that were creating and contributing to a greater force of impact.

I mean, basically that's really my point. The little things we do now effect us in the future.

let's take this little idea and apply it to our lives. If there is something you want to happen in your future, make moves now. And the beauty is that your future isn't only a year, 5 years or 10 years from now... your future is every moment after now. It could be a minute from now, 10 minutes from now or 1 hour from now... It's still your future.

What you do now, will give everything in your future permission to work on your behalf.

here are two things to remember:

1) make a move. If the butterflies wing doesn't move, nothing happens.

2) be consistent. The butterflies wing doesn't move once. It's a series of consistent movements that create a pattern, and generates force.

Whether it's creating and reciting a daily life-declaration, committing to going to the gym, or just waking up on time, what you decide to do now, will change your future!

Below watch a quick special video from me to you, talking about the butterfly effect and elaborating on the two points i gave.

Talk Life with you later!


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