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I am Ricardo

also know as

"The Navigator".

 i Consult. i Write. i Speak. i Create. 


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Enhance your natural beauty and be the b


& Clarity

My personal life's work is centered around helping individuals in transitional moments find clarity and direction.

At Navigation & Clarity, our focus is assisting people of color in the business & entrepreneurial spaces  make the connections between success & spirituality.

If you've been feeling a disconnect between who you are and where you are.. we should talk!

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I wrote a Book!!

People spend their whole lives trying to answer the questions, "Who am I", "Why am I here", and "What is my purpose?" The average person might never find a resolve or reach a conclusive answer and will most likely carry their hidden untapped potential to the grave! 


In this book, "Becoming An AuthentiCat", I talk about the 5 keys you can use to navigate your life, success & spirituality. Through  understanding how identity, purpose, calling, assignments and TAGS all work together, it will serve as a guide, helping you get from where you are to where you desire you to be.

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My personal mission is to facilitate self-awareness and self-growth by helping you identify your "core compass", so you can get a true idea of where you are physically, mentally and spiritually.

Check out my youtube channel with content geared towards strengthening your core!

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